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0038_credit Lane Dittoe
A cozy bedroom makes you feel right at home. | Photo by Lane Dittoe

A local interior designer shares tips to create a warm, inviting space this winter.

By Tanya A. Yacina


The winter months of the year inspire a level of coziness relative to the chill in the air and the holiday season. Staying inside, cuddled up under a blanket in front of the fire while celebrating family and food becomes top on the list of activities, and transforming your home into a cocoon of coziness can only enhance time spent indoors.

Interior designer and owner of Heirloom in Newport Beach, Milena Sefferovich says all the senses play into creating a warm home environment. From the feel, look, size and shape of big furniture items to the smaller accessories that bring it all together, each item holds an important role to the overall feel, she says.

“By adding warm, natural woods in larger furniture pieces, woven textiles in window coverings, pillows and throws and soft lighting, a space can be immediately transformed to a place of contentment,” Sefferovich explains. “Even the smallest accessory, textile, scent or lighting element can have a big impact on a space. Pieces like pillows and throws create warmth, softness and an immediate cozy environment in the right fabrics [or] textiles. Boucles, wools, soft washable linens and vintage textiles are great for this.”

Sefferovich says the way a room smells and is lit can also create a warm, cozy winter aesthetic. A soft, subtle and calming fragrance immediately makes a room feel a certain way, as does a dimly lit lamp, sconce or chandelier.

cozy home_credit Ryan Garvin
Textures, lighting, accent pieces and even scents can help transform a space to make it feel warm and cozy in the winter months. | Photo by Ryan Garvin

“We love a soft-scented candle, pillows in soft, warm textiles, vintage rugs and unique lighting. Pick your favorite holiday or winter scented candle, … change out the pillows on your furniture pieces … [and] set the mood [or] feel with good lighting,” she says. “Good space planning, thoughtful use of the room and curated layering are all key to achieve a warm living space.”

A well-thought-out combination of materials, textures, styles and finishes gives an interior a livable and cozy feel for both lounging around and celebrating the holiday season. To achieve that perfect level of coziness, Sefferovich recommends buying what you love, looking for one-of-a-kind, well-made furniture, lighting and decor, and layering the pieces and textiles you choose.


Inviting Interiors

Add these cozy elements to warm up your living space.

Alec Alpaca-blend throw
The ALEC ALPACA-BLEND THROW adds rich texture and plush comfort to any room. The deep paprika color evokes warmth whether you’re cuddled under it or it’s draped over a chair, $269, at Room & Board, Costa Mesa. (714-549-5995;
Serena & Lily - Avery Pillow Cover - Stack - Holiday
Soft, warm and teeming with beauty, AVERY PILLOW COVERS add luxury, style and texture to a comfortable indoor space. This baby alpaca wool pillow cover displays a classic pattern while captivating the touch, from $188, at Serena & Lily, Lido Marina Village. (949-287-5764;
Nancy Snell Bamboo Blanket Ladder at Seaside Gallery & Gifts
Store and display all of your favorite cozy blankets on the NS BLANKET LADDER by Nancy Snell. Made from bamboo and perfect for a coastal look, fireside snuggles will never be far from your reach, $195, at Seaside Gallery and Goods. (949-438-7277;
Create light and visual style in any room with a CONTEMPORARY Woven basket pendant light, perfect for providing a warm, natural tone. Uniquely sourced, it’s slightly shapeable and offered in two sizes, from $495, at Heirloom. (949-515-2500;
The smell of pine from the perfect holiday tree evokes childhood memories of Santa and snow days. The long-burning MR. DOUGLAS PINE CANDLE is the perfect scent for the holiday season with notes of pine, cedarwood and fir, $37, at Robin & Lisa Interiors, Lido Marina Village. (949-922-6460;
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