What to Wear: Yoga en Vogue

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By Kirsti Correa | Photo by Jody Tiongco

For sessions at Ekam Yoga, Deserie Davis cuts the sleeves off old T-shirts so she can easily take it off as she transitions from pose to pose.
For sessions at Ekam Yoga, Deserie Davis cuts the sleeves off old T-shirts so she can easily take it off as she transitions from pose to pose.

In addition to what seems like a new yoga studio opening every few months in Newport, creative varieties range from balancing on a stand-up paddleboard to hybrid classes combining the low-impact practice with Pilates. One boutique studio that has cemented its place in the heart of town is Ekam Yoga on Coast Highway. Appealing to different types of yogis, Ekam offers several class options like ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha, Iyengar, restorative and heated. Among its many devotees is Newport Coast preschool teacher Deserie Davis.

“I usually go Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the afternoon or evening, and I try to get in a weekend class also,” Davis says, adding that she keeps the type of session she’s heading to top of mind as she’s getting dressed. “If it’s a heated class, then I’ll wear a top that has a built-in bra and just partial coverage because the class gets pretty warm.”

Two go-to options are Zella’s Circadian Terra tank with a mesh inset in the back to keep cool or Lululemon’s Exquisite Tank II, also with mesh panels.

“Fitted is important too so when you’re in downward dog, your top isn’t going upside-down,” Davis adds.

She’s particularly keen of going the do-it-yourself route to avoid any wardrobe issues transitioning from pose to pose. “I take my oldest son’s surf T-shirts and I cut the sleeves and crop them … so I can easily take it off,” Davis explains, adding she’s a fan of wearing Onzie’s strappy sports bras underneath the shirt so she doesn’t feel constricted. “I like to make my own T-shirts because they get so sweaty that after a while I throw them away anyway. … Also, I’m the only one wearing it in class.”

As for the type of bottoms, Davis says to opt for pieces that you feel comfortable in—and that includes clothing that makes you feel good while you’re wearing it.

“In yoga, you don’t need that much support from the actual clothing—just what feels the most comfortable that you can really stretch and be flexible in,” she explains. “… A lot of the pants for the longest time were high-rise. I look for low-rise pants because I feel like they’re more flattering, especially if you’re wearing a crop top.”

Also remember that any bottom you choose should be made with material that moves with you.

“I would rather have a pair that holds up well and wicks the sweat off of you and washes well,” Davis says. “It is definitely worth the investment if you think about the fact you’re working out six or seven times a week at least once a day like I do. I would rather buy quality pieces that I know are
going to last a long time.”

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