What to Wear: Bari Necessities

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By Kirsti Correa | Photo by Jody Tiongco

Alicia Tarman wears lightweight, fitted pants with a knotted T-shirt for bari classes.

Bari is a magnet for fitness enthusiasts. Just outside Fashion Island on San Joaquin Hills Road, the results-driven workout emphasizes exercising smarter, not harder. Based around three core elements—sensory cardio, trampoline cardio and muscle sculpting—each session is a combination of sequences that engage one or all of these components.

“I go anywhere from three to five or six times a week,” says Alicia Tarman, who has been attending bari classes since February.  “I like it because it goes by super fast and it’s a different kind of workout—it’s not monotonous like riding a bike 
or running.”

Because of the variety in the workout, clothing should be adaptable for moving from jumping on a trampoline in the bounce class to dance sequences and plyometrics in the macro class.

“For jumping, I like a lighter tennis shoe because if you wear a heavier tennis shoe it’s harder for you to get up,” Tarman explains. “… For the dance cardio, I like a shoe that’s a little bulkier for the lateral moves. And for the micro class, any shoe works because it’s much more toning—it’s a different kind of toning because they have resistance bands that are screwed into the ceiling so you’re getting much more of an intense workout with it.”

Tops and bottoms don’t need to be switched from workout to workout; however, there are a few basics that each piece should have, according to Tarman. “I really like pants that are lightweight that wick—and that obviously stay up because you’re moving around a lot [so] you don’t want to have to play around with your pants,” she explains.

One of Tarman’s top brands is Teeki. “I love them because they are super lightweight and super soft. They almost feel like an Ultrasuede type feeling,” she says. “They hug the body really well and I don’t have to pull them up.”

On top, layers work best for the workout. “First, I wear some sort of loose-fitting T-shirt that I knot. … You get incredibly sweaty, so I usually strip down to some sort of a sports bra. I love Mika sports bras,” Tarman says, adding that the brand’s Mirabelle bra matches her self-proclaimed hippie chic aesthetic with details like a racerback braid down the back and cinching in the bust.

Leaving the studio, Tarman goes for something to match her style but also lets her breathe. “For post-workout apparel, I like Lorna Jane at Fashion Island and Adidas Originals [at South Coast Plaza],” she says. “… I feel like when you want to feel good about yourself when you go out, you wear your favorite pair of jeans. The same goes for the workout.”

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