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The Model X comes in white, black, midnight blue, silver and red. | Photo courtesy of Tesla

Tesla’s Model X electric vehicle offers a futuristic ride with winglike doors, autopilot mode and a sleek exterior.

By Sharon Stello


Although Tesla is known as a leader in electric vehicle technology, the automaker doesn’t sacrifice style for the sake of power-saving science. Blending both form and function in its coveted cars (the brand notoriously has long waiting lists), the Model X is no exception.

This sport utility vehicle can zip from zero to 60 mph in under 3 seconds—with a top speed of 155 mph—without producing any emissions. Boasting a driving range of up to 351 miles on one charge as well as a five-star safety rating, the Model X is also packed with features: It comes equipped with dual motor all-wheel drive, a high-tech dashboard, 17-speaker custom audio system, a HEPA air filtration system, LED headlights, power-folding heated side mirrors, floor-mounted batteries for lower center of gravity (and less rollover risk), parking sensors and a blind spot warning.

There are two versions of the Model X: The Long Range Plus, priced at $84,990, goes 351 miles on a charge, while the peppier Performance option, for $104,990, reaches 163 mph but sacrifices a bit of distance with a range of 305 miles. Both versions come standard with five seats—but can be upgraded to seven—as well as two independent motors that separately and digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels, providing better traction and handling. When it comes to powering up their Tesla, most plug in at home overnight with wall connectors providing enough charge in an hour for up to 60 miles of range, but more than 16,000 Supercharger stations are also available along major routes worldwide.


Standout Features

The Tesla Model X with falcon wing doors | Photo courtesy of Tesla

Falcon wing doors are double-hinged, opening up rather than out whenever the driver approaches or exits the vehicle.

A sweeping windshield extends up and over the front seats for a panoramic view without obstructions.

Avoid having your mirrors sideswiped in the parking lot with these automatic fold-in mirrors that also heat up in order to defrost.

Complete with fog lamps, the powerful LED headlights make sure you can see what’s ahead on the road even on the darkest highways.

The technologically advanced Model X includes regular over-the-air updates enabling the addition of new features as they become available, access to Tesla’s Supercharger network, real-time maps and navigation, and a custom audio system featuring 17 speakers.



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