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2024 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label
The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus

With several new features, the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus raises the bar on SUV tech and luxury.

By Joe Yogerst


From a deep space observatory and an early Atari video game to a popular exercise machine and Captain Nemo’s submarine in “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” the name “nautilus” has often been applied to machines that push the envelope of both science and science fiction.

So why not a high-end, high-tech sports utility vehicle like the Lincoln Nautilus?

“A sanctuary for the senses” is what Lincoln calls the revamped 2024 Nautilus, a four-door, five-passenger crossover designed to compete with other midsize luxury crossover SUVs. And the vehicle lives up to the billing with an array of new features.

The standard model is still powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 250 horsepower. But there’s also a new hybrid powertrain with an electric motor; continuously variable, eight-speed automatic transmission; and the ability to churn out 310 horsepower.

However, the most noticeable upgrades are in the passenger cabin—a totally reworked interior that surpasses anything currently available in the crossover luxury world. It starts with more legroom for both driver and passenger via an extended chassis and continues with a massive 48-inch horizontal panoramic display that extends across the entire dashboard and unique features like aromatic digital scent.

The new Lincoln Digital Experience, which was unveiled after much secrecy this past January, enables total customization of the vehicle’s infotainment system including the download of Google Play apps you’ve already got on your smartphone or home entertainment system.

Displayed on an 11.1-inch screen between the dash and the center console, the new infotainment system includes the ability to watch YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services while parked; additionally, a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard—and, soon, a video conferencing ability—help transform the Nautilus into a virtual office.

In keeping with the sanctuary theme, the ’24 Nautilus features hands-free highway driving through new Lincoln BlueCruise technology. In theory, this allows the driver to relax and arrive at their destination completely refreshed—assuming you’re not totally stressed by the fact that the vehicle is driving you rather than the other way around.

Meanwhile, the exterior appears leaner and meaner than previous iterations, the look reinforced by an all-new grille plus LED headlights and animated taillights. There are also three new interior color choices: smoked truffle, black onyx and light space gray, or black onyx and allura blue.

The price tag stretches from around $50,000 for the standard edition to more than $80,000 for the even more luxurious Lincoln Black Label version.



Lincoln Experience Center

139 Newport Center Drive, Fashion Island



2024 Lincoln Nautilus

The all-new Nautilus features a REDESIGNED GRILLE showcasing the Lincoln star as well as LED LIGHTING that extends all the way across the front end.


2024 Lincoln Nautilus

Choosing the Lincoln Black Label edition ups the ante on luxury with sumptuous chalet or redwood-themed UPHOLSTERY and accents, as well as a bespoke “fitting room” experience to personally design other aspects of your Nautilus.


Lincoln Digital Scent

A cornerstone of the Nautilus’ “sanctuary of the senses” theme, LINCOLN DIGITAL SCENT allows occupants to infuse the interior with aromas curated by leading perfumers. Among the seven fragrances are Mystic Forest, Serene Seashore, Violet Cashmere and Twilight Embers.


2024 Lincoln Nautilus infotainment

Displaying everything from time and temperature to a GPS map and performance statistics, the 48-inch panoramic DASHBOARD SCREEN is the largest among all luxury SUVs. Complementing the big screen is a smaller, 11.1-inch display that can show videos, movies and even games while the vehicle is stationary.

Photos by Ford Motor Co.

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