Chef TLC’s Sidewalk Cafe Offers Comfort Food on Wheels

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For many food trucks, the name of the game is “fusion.” Many will serve eclectic creations, attracting those wanting to experiment and try something different. Chef TLC’s Sidewalk Cafe, on the other hand, has familiar and fresh options to appease the taste buds of all. For Newport Beach residents Mike and Teri Carter, it’s all about giving the people what they want.

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“With different events come different tastes,” Teri says, explaining that they do a lot of private events in addition to larger meet-ups at places like the OC Fair & Event Center. “When we do specific events, whether it’s for meat eaters or vegetarians or kids, we change things up to show our customers that we care. We can’t be everything to everyone, but we are giving it our best.”

Chef TLC’s, which hit the streets last November, adds a touch of spontaneity with an ever-changing menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. “We’re such foodies, so we both like to be really creative with what we make and serve to people,” Teri explains.

It’s easy to find something to enjoy on the expansive and flexible menu, and there are also a few staples that consistently wow customers.

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“People really love the apple turkey melt and the sloppy Joe, but most definitely the grilled cheese,” Mike says. “It’s a mouthful of flavor and a lot of people tell us that it’s the best grilled cheese they’ve ever eaten.”

While the food truck business may be a demanding one, this couple thrives on the exciting lifestyle and reward of happy customers. “The best part about this is that we have a great time doing it,” Mike says. “Teri and I love what we do; we really love food.”

—Written by Matt Valdez


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