Whiskey Row: Design Inspiration from Bosscat Kitchen & Libations

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By Mari Muller | Illustration by Shaylene Brooks

BOSSCAT 13-750

Although visual appeal may not be its primary purpose, the quirky or elegant presentation of a liquor bottle can lend a design element of its own to a bar space. Bosscat, known for its whiskey selection as much as its Southern artisanal fare, celebrates the bottle with gusto in the design of a whiskey room constructed around reverence for the complex drink. The room, encased in glass windows and set quietly behind the bar, catches the eye with its wall of more than 100 bottles displayed in neat rows and lit strategically with a warm glow that mirrors the warmth of the liquor inside them.

whiskey room-750

Creating a whiskey-dedicated area of the home is simple: It doesn’t have to encompass an entire room, but can simply be a cabinet. An aged wooden cabinet, for example, can mimic the production process that makes whiskey itself so fine. Hamedani recommends using orange LED lights inside of the cabinet to add visual warmth reflecting the color of the liquor, and to close it up with a decorative lock—a rusted version with a chain would further emphasize the rustic nature of the drink.

If you prefer to go grand with a full-scale at-home bar, Hamedani recommends keeping the seating height low and the fabric textures comfortable for a more intimate experience.

“Whiskey is meant to be enjoyed,” Hamedani says. “You sip it, taste it, smell it, touch it and play around with it. This process of drinking dictates a cozier space.”

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