Try S’mores 7 Ways in Newport for National S’mores Day

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Honey Maid graham crackers, a Hershey’s bar and Jet-Puffed marshmallows: It’s a recipe that brings back childhood memories of beach bonfires or backyard barbecues. In celebration of this sticky treat, Aug. 10 is designated National S’mores Day. A DIY option is always fun, but if you’re out on the town, restaurants and bakeries offer creative twists on an old favorite. Join the rest of the world in celebration with these seven must-try s’mores variations for National S’mores Day.


S’mores With Green Tea Truffles — Sushi Roku

Courtesy of Sushi Roku
Courtesy of Sushi Roku

When visiting a Japanese restaurant, it’s usually a safe bet to skip dessert—more often than not, you’ll find the traditional offerings of green tea ice cream or orange sherbet. But at Sushi Roku, servers will swear you need to save room for the zen garden-inspired s’mores platter. On a plate covered with a layer of crumbled graham crackers, there’s everything you need to build your own s’more with a Japanese twist. Halved house-made marshmallows can be speared and toasted over an open flame along with a brick of chocolate; then, dip into the marshmallow cream sauce, roll the creation in the graham cracker dust and finish with one of the decadent green tea truffles


S’mores Mocha Cup — Pelican Grill

Courtesy of Pelican Hill
Courtesy of Pelican Hill

Pelican Grill’s s’mores mocha cup is the dessert that keeps on giving. Start with a bite of chocolate tart topped with freshly toasted Italian meringue; it could stand on its own as an elevated version of the traditional s’more. Add to that a spoonful of silky coffee pot de creme topped with a layer of soft chocolate and you’ll wonder why you’ve never had a s’more with java. Croquant tuiles with cocoa nibs and a graham cracker crumble add an extra crunch to a dish that’s so rich, it should be shared between two people. Make sure you devour one before they’re gone—chef Luke Turpin is only putting the dessert on the menu for National S’mores Day.


Deconstructed Balvenie S’more — Fleming’s

Courtesy of Fleming's
Courtesy of Fleming’s

Through October, Fleming’s is offering this marshmallow treat on its “8 for $9 ’til 10” menu in the bar and lounge from 8-10 p.m. (on special request, chefs will prepare it for patrons in the main dining room as well). In this deconstructed take on s’mores, you can create your own dessert adventure. Curved graham crackers can be eaten with the soft, melt-in-your-mouth marshmallow brick or dipped into the molten Callebaut chocolate, which is laced with Balvenie DoubleWood Scotch whisky. Or, put it all together for a classic bite that evokes memories of sitting around the campfire.


S’mores Sundae — The Beachcomber Café


The Beachcomber’s s’mores sundae comes with a generous helping of vanilla ice cream topped with roasted marshmallow, drizzled chocolate, graham cracker pieces and whipped cream—perfect for two. Younger guests also can order their own mini versions of the traditional treat topped with a Hershey’s Kiss.


S’mores Pie — The Dessert Lab

Dessert lab

The Dessert Lab’s s’mores pie is the flavor and sweetness of s’mores turned up to its highest volume. Although they fit in the palm of your hand, these little pastries aren’t easily eaten by one person. With toasted marshmallows atop rich chocolate filling and a dense graham cracker crust, the s’mores pie satisfies cravings for the campfire treat and is best eaten after being heated slightly in a microwave or oven.


Trio of S’mores — Baking Betty’s

Baking bettys

Baking Betty’s in Fashion Island’s Atrium Court has three s’mores options to try. For possibly the least messy way to eat a s’more, the signature s’more cookie mixes graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows into the cookie dough. An elevated option is the s’more stuffed; owner Emily Osterberg keeps the recipe a secret, but it’s essentially cookie dough wrapped around a traditional s’more, baked in a way that the marshmallow and chocolate ooze out the top. Last but not least, the shop substitutes graham crackers for cookies for a unique rendition of the s’more. Roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate are layered in between a cookie of your choice—s’more lovers should choose the signature s’more cookie for marshmallow and chocolate overload.


S’mores “Pizza” Pie — Blaze Pizza


The s’mores pie ($2) at Blaze Pizza forgoes the graham crackers and instead uses McVitie’s biscuits from the U.K. to surround the marshmallows and chocolate. Like its pizzas, Blaze’s s’mores pies are fast-fired in the oven, allowing the chocolate and marshmallows to melt onto the biscuits so there’s the perfect amount of both in every bite.


—Written by Kirsti Correa, Linda Domingo, Allison Hata, Kristin Lee Jensen and Lauren Matich


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