Tranquil Treatments

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The Colonnade at The Spa at Pelican Hill | Photo by The Resort at Pelican Hill

Gift yourself a day of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation with some pampering time at the spa this holiday season.

By Molly O’Brien


It’s no secret that Newport Beach residents and visitors alike are highly health-conscious, often weaving fitness and wellness routines into their everyday lifestyles. But sometimes, the best way to improve well-being is to take some time off from the “go-go-go” mentality and opt in for a slower day of rest and relaxation.

Here are some of the latest and greatest treatments at spas around Newport Beach that are perfect to de-stress as well as feel and look your best at any holiday party this season—or to recover from all the yuletide celebrations.


The Best of Both Worlds

Immediately upon entering the foyer of The Spa at Pelican Hill, guests can feel free to shed their troubles. A waterfall  on one wall creates a calming presence—a soothing soundtrack that sets the stage for a tranquil sense of inner peace.

“You feel it the minute you get out of your car—you’ll be taken care of,” says Lynne Hite, the resort’s director of spa. “I think people are emerging from this past year with the goals of caring for themselves, and reprioritizing and resisting going back to not being able to take time to dedicate time to themselves. It’s been really rewarding to see people surrender and say, ‘I’m going to be a priority for me.’ ”

Lemon & Honey 2
The Ohm Facial at Lemon & Honey Day Spa | Photo by Lemon & Honey Day Spa

With that in mind, Hite shares some of this winter’s hottest upcoming treatments to consider for “me time.”

“When people come to the spa, they say they’d love to get a body treatment, but they also want to get a massage,” she says. “So, we’re coming out with a special 90-minute treatment that will give the best of both worlds: You’ll get the body scrub and the massage.”

The Aromatherapy Glow and Massage through November begins with a warm pumpkin spice sugar scrub with the scents of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger to smooth away dull skin and promote circulation. A relaxing full-body massage follows, and the treatment ends with a warm scalp oil ritual.  Also offered, a seasonal tea mirrors the scents in the sugar scrub plus the flavors of cloves and nutmeg to enhance the moment.

In December, the treatment changes to a mint exfoliating sugar scrub with notes of both peppermint and ginger followed by a chocolate cream body butter and a choice of Nutcracker or organic Sugar Plum Fairy tea, which each feature peppermint to match the scent in the treatment.


Staycation Relaxation

The Spa at Balboa Bay Resort offers a whole host of treatments for those seeking to indulge by mixing and matching more than one facial, massage or scrub during a staycation at the property, but this winter’s seasonal scrub is a must-try.

“We will be offering a delightful peppermint scrub for the month of December,” says Linnea Robertson, the resort’s director of spa. “But my personal favorite treatment is the Sea Shell Massage.” For this option, tiger striped shells are massaged rhythmically along the body in combination with heat technology for both warmth and relaxation. “It’s a unique treatment not available at many spas and really celebrates our location and connection to the sea,” Robertson says.

Spa Lounge_courtesy of Balboa Bay Resort
The relaxing spa lounge at The Spa at Balboa Bay Resort, which is only open to overnight guests and members of the Balboa Bay Club | Photo by Balboa Bay Resort

Another coveted treatment is a CBD Remedy Massage with the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil, which can reduce inflammation and anxiety; the oil is available in three scents including eucalyptus, lavender or pomegranate as well as unscented. 

The spa is only open to overnight resort guests and Balboa Bay Club members, but this means the space feels less crowded and more tranquil. To complement the “locals only” feeling, the property is offering a Relax, Refresh, Renew package through March to help guests truly feel pampered. The package bundles together one guest room and a $100 spa credit—all visitors have to do is show up, book some treatments and tune out at the spa.


Good Vibrations

The Ohm Facial Treatment at Lemon & Honey Day Spa is a meditative experience that has been described as a sound bath for your face. The spa’s staff worked with a sound guru, who has studied the practice of sound healing under a gong master for five years, to develop the treatment, which is believed to be the first of its kind in Orange County and truly brings facials to the next level.

“We really want to focus on people’s overall wellness—just making them feel confident and beautiful,” says Rebekah Zepfel, founder and owner of Lemon & Honey.

Spa Resort
A calming treatment at Spa Gregorie’s, which also has an infrared sauna

To begin, estheticians spark the sweetest of songs using tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls; these tools are combined with a facial treatment that’s tailored to each guest’s skin type. The sound waves vibrating on and inside the body create a sensation of healing and leave spagoers feeling deeply rested and glowing from the inside out. According to the spa, sound therapy also causes the body’s cells to release nitric oxide, which rejuvenates through increased blood flow and allows for a higher level of mental clarity.

“You feel tingly and euphoric after the Ohm Facial Treatment,” Zepfel says. “It’s such a great reset for feeling calm and clear, and getting your balance and clarity back to be in the moment.”


A Festive Boost

The upbeat spirit felt within Lido House hotel’s Boost Spa sets the stage for both revitalization and tranquility. For the holiday season, the spa’s seasonal peppermint spice sugar scrub treatment brings together a delightful blend of brown sugar and a carefully crafted mix of peppermint, vanilla, cinnamon bark and clove oils to gently exfoliate the body and leave the skin feeling exceptionally soft.

Lido House, Autograph Collection NBPAK
Boost Spa at Lido House hotel, which offers a seasonal sugar scrub this winter | Photo by Lido House

This curated combination of essential oils promotes health benefits by boosting energy and cognitive health while also reducing stress. It’s the perfect way to prepare for the hectic holiday season or to take a breather in the middle of the hustle and bustle.


A Hot Trend

Perhaps the most notable treatment at Spa Gregorie’s is the infrared sauna. Even though it doesn’t get much colder than 60 degrees outside during Southern California winters, this infrared technology—one of the hottest trends in wellness—is sure to warm you up.

Infrared saunas host a number of healing advantages for the body, such as relieving muscle pain, removing toxins, improving the skin and boosting the immune system.

Pair some time in the sauna with another treatment for a day or even just an afternoon of relaxation. Upon walking into Spa Gregorie’s, visitors will immediately encounter a tranquil combination of soothing colors and music, flickering candles and scents paired perfectly to calm the nervous system and encourage a state of calm. Seasonal treatment favorites include the classic peppermint foot scrub, which is an ideal way to destress.

Facial Lounge offers organic, plant-based treatments. | Photo by McCall Ryan

“Our peppermint foot scrub uses pure peppermint essential oils along with a sugar-based scrub that is massaged into the feet during either a facial or massage service,” says Angela Cortright, owner and founder of Spa Gregorie’s. “The feet are refreshed, exfoliated, revived and ready for holiday shopping.”


A Youthful Glow

At Facial Lounge in Corona del Mar, all services offered are plant-based, organic, vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nontoxic and pregnancy safe—a perfect fit for practically any lifestyle change inspired by a healthy New Year’s resolution. And the spa’s Forma Facial is an especially unique treatment known to seemingly turn back time for tired skin.

This noninvasive therapy is an “instant face-lift” that works by using radio-frequency energy to stimulate the creation of new collagen, improving skin elasticity. While no one can stop from growing older, this process can keep your appearance looking younger and fresher for longer.

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