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OHM Facial wellness-credit Courtesy of Lemon & Honey Day Spa
The Ohm Facial at Lemon & Honey Day Spa | Photo by Lemon & Honey Day Spa

Rebekah Zepfel, owner of Lemon & Honey Day Spa, details the power of sound healing.

By Ashley Ryan


It’s easy to find treatments that will leave your skin with a healthy glow, but few feed your mind and spirit the same way as Lemon & Honey Day Spa’s Ohm Facial. Combining customized skin care with sound healing, the facial dives deep to enhance your overall wellness.

“The application of sound vibration opens the energetic pathways where the qi, or natural life force, flows,” says Rebekah Zepfel, owner of Lemon & Honey. “As a result, blockages are removed, increasing the flow of qi and facilitating homeostasis through which profound healing begins.”

The Ohm Facial uses tuning forks, both crystal and Tibetan sound bowls, and soothing music in the key of ohm to help you reach a deep meditative state. “A lot of times, with meditation, you think of it as the absence of sound. But I think, to meditate, you’re going in[to] … yourself and … there’s this inner voice … telling you you can’t do something or it’s too hard,” Zepfel says. “And meditation is getting out of that area [of your mind], and sound therapy is a way to get to that space quickly.”

Read on to discover this facial’s benefits and where the idea came from.


Can you explain a little about the sound frequencies used?

Rebekah Zepfel: Basically, there’s four or five different frequencies. … [One is] theta, which is just like that coming out of consciousness, like your body is still asleep but your mind can think about things. … Then beta is fast talking, peak focused, getting things done, mind moving like go, go, go. … Our goal is to get you out of beta and into that theta, … [where] you’re more susceptible to positive affirmations. … So we’re kind of resetting you, getting you out of that “go, go, go” brainwave and into a relaxed, centered point.

What all is included in the Ohm Facial?

RZ: We start off with energy clearing with the tuning forks, kind of bringing that intention there, then we do the Tibetan sound bowl and that helps to bring you to a deeper, more meditative state. … And then you receive the facial. We do skin analysis, cleansing—extraction we don’t do, because we want to keep you in that relaxed state. We do a facial massage, customized mask and just kind of allover wellness. We set an intention with the facial as well, giving you a lot of calm, peaceful, relaxing, positive energy.


Rebekah Zepfel_Lemon & Honey Day Spa
Rebekah Zepfel, the spa owner | Photo by Lemon & Honey Day Spa

What are some of the benefits of this treatment?

RZ: [The] Ohm Facial’s vibrational healing method … creates harmony, relaxation and less tension in your facial expressions. … Tuning forks are specially created to ring precise frequencies that tone the skin from the outside in. When we are in tune, our blood circulates better, our body detoxifies better and our skin retains a special moisture that comes from within. We look and feel younger and glow with natural beauty.


What do clients need to do to prepare for this facial?

RZ: I wouldn’t say it takes much preparation, and I think the more stressed out [you are], … the better you’re going to experience it. Feeling overwhelmed or tired or stressed—that’s perfect.


You trained with a certified sound guru/gong master. What did that entail?

RZ: The training is learning all about sound theory and then also learning about the different waves and playing with the different tuning forks and learning which waves are associated with which part of the body. We did a full day of training with them and then we also have ongoing training with her as well. She is basically a sound therapy master; she’s been studying it for about 10 years now.


Where did you get the idea for the Ohm Facial?

RZ: Sound therapy has been used for meditation, for yoga, for massages, even on the body, and I wanted to be specific to the face. … I think some of what we think about ourselves can create a negative environment for our skin. So bringing that positivity back into self love and self care and helping people just get to that state—skin care products are great, … but the internal glow shows. … We want them to physically feel good, too.


Sounding Off

Explore the art of meditation at home with these essential tools.

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Tibetan Singing Bowl-credit Courtesy of House of Intuition
Pick up a TIBETAN SINGING BOWL to delve deep into sound healing in the comfort of your own home, using its rich reverberations to aid in relaxation, $78, at House of Intuition, Costa Mesa. (714-714-0561; | Photo by House of Intuition
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