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Nuzuna Wellness Centers
EMS suits at Nuzuna Wellness Centers

Nuzuna Wellness Centers enhance the impact of working out with electro-muscle stimulation suits.

By Sharon Stello


By incorporating electro-muscle stimulation technology in a bodysuit, Nuzuna Wellness Centers offer the opportunity to increase the impact of exercising. The suit uses low- and mid-level electric currents to make the muscles contract more than they would during a regular workout to boost the results from your fitness routine.

The company opened its Newport Beach location—which offers a Bootcamp, Ab Blast, Booty Blast, Total Body Workout and TRX suspension training classes plus an infrared sauna—in May 2020 and has been expanding ever since; a total of 12 centers are set to be open by the end of this year. While there are plans to eventually sell the suit for in-home use, it’s currently only available to try at Nuzuna Wellness Centers. Here, CEO Charlie Laverty discusses the benefits of embracing this technology and how the equipment works.


Can you tell us about the services you offer?

Charlie Laverty: Nuzuna is an electro-muscle stimulation company and our services are concentrated on our revolutionary electro-muscle stimulation exercise bodysuit and pants, which can enhance exercise at home or in a Nuzuna health and wellness center. Our system can be used to enhance the fitness impact of virtually any type of exercise method or regimen. Nuzuna is unique as it is completely wireless and [people] may use [it in] both indoor and outdoor [settings]. No equipment is required except for yourself.


Charles Laverty founder of Nuzuna Wellness Center_no credit needed
CEO Charlie Laverty

How does EMS work and what are the benefits?

Our EMS technology … mimics the body’s nervous system and activates muscle tissue through low- and mid-frequency currents to significantly increase the body’s natural muscle contractions. These contractions act as resistance, making each exercise movement three times more intense. The Nuzuna system can be used in any athletic endeavor and, most importantly, facilitates muscle memory. Two 20-minute sessions per week is equivalent to four to six hours of traditional exercise.

The Nuzuna system works as you work. Every 12-350 milliseconds, the Nuzuna system measures muscle density, hydration, circulation, temperature and kinesthetic motion. The Nuzuna control box processes the adjustments for the type of impulse, appropriate waveforms [and] range of frequencies for each muscle group and transmits back to the electrodes, which deliver … the individual stimulation. As the client movement occurs, the cycle restarts. Nuzuna eliminates the limitations of training and is designed to be incorporated into any kind of training for any age regardless of type of body or physique.


Is EMS something that can be used by anyone?

EMS can be used by anyone over the age of 14 years old. Certain health conditions may restrict an individual from training with EMS.


What should a first-timer know about the experience?

[It’s] very important to consume a balanced meal and be hydrated prior to the session. During the session, the client can expect to experience all muscle parts being engaged during each exercise movement. After the session, the client may feel more energized, alert and sleep quality may improve. Whether the client is a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, the trainer will work closely with each individual to adjust the EMS intensity to each client.


Can you tell us about the iron neck training offered at the Newport Beach location?

Iron neck is an excellent training device that can be used with or without EMS. Iron neck training can prevent and aid individuals from neck injuries pertaining to sports, car accidents or daily bad posture habits.


Your Costa Mesa center offers yoga classes with EMS. In what ways does EMS enhance a yoga workout?

EMS can enhance a yoga workout by improving the client’s balance, coordination and flexibility in each pose. Long-term EMS users will notice back and joint pain has reduced and their posture has improved.


Well-Suited Workout Wear

While the EMS bodysuit works best with minimal undergarments and as much skin-to-suit contact as possible, here are some items that might be helpful for trips to the fitness center.

When visiting the gym, throw your water bottle, keys and other items in this DUFFEL BAG IN DARK DENIM, complete with internal and external zip pockets, removable shoulder strap and a water-repellent coating, $145, at Marine Layer, Fashion Island. (949-520-7969; marinelayer.com)
Stay refreshed during your workout with MiiR’s 20-ounce, stainless steel WIDE MOUTH WATER BOTTLE, which keeps drinks cold for at least 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, $32.95, at Athleta, Fashion Island. (949-717-6650; athleta.gap.com)
Keep warm on the way to and from the gym this winter with the Adidas MEN’S FEEL COZY ESSENTIALS FLEECE PULLOVER HOODIE, which is super soft, features a front pouch pocket, is made with 30% recycled materials and comes in a wide variety of colors, $45, at Macy’s, Fashion Island. (949-640-8333; macys.com)
Nike_Flow Yoga Mat_$48_Nordstrom
If you decide to try Nuzuna’s yoga center in Costa Mesa, the Nike FLOW YOGA MAT is both grippy and plush at 4 millimeters thick, with anti-odor construction, $48, at Nordstrom, Fashion Island. (949-610-0700; nordstrom.com)
Lightweight and breathable with a mesh upper and cushioned foam footbed, Nike’s AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 38 RUNNING SHOES, available for both men and women, will help you keep going when the gym routine gets tough, $119.99, at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fashion Island. (949-640-1107; dickssportinggoods.com)
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