Mother and Daughter Know Best

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style runs in the family

Style is in the genes for interior designer Brooke Ziccardi.– BY Somer Flaher


For Brooke Ziccardi, style runs in the family. After studying business at USC and design through a UCLA extension program, Brooke started her career the same way most fresh grads do, paying her dues as an assistant. Unlike most newly minted alums, however, Brooke was working for her mother Karen’s well-established interior design firm Ziccardi Designs—think style icon to royalty, international hoteliers and the über wealthy. Eventually she proved herself, working her way up and learning the ropes through various positions including the officelibrarian and project manager before ultimately carving out her place as a partner and principal with the firm.

With a combined 40-plus years of experience, Brooke says their partnership thrives on a balanced design approach, integrating new products and technology with the “sage wisdom of tried and true results and product knowledge,” she says. “And it helps that we enjoy what we do. It’s a pleasure to work with my best friend.”

The two have worked on projects as close as Corona del Mar and as far away as India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and China—designing golf club houses, private estates, hotels and model home developments.  However, Brooke is quick to point out that seemingly simple projects like working with a young couple, who are trying to merge their styles together for their new home, or creating a nursery for a single-room project, is just as exciting as her international portfolio. “I was born and raised in Newport Beach,” she says. “Local projects are just as interesting to us. I adore this city.”

A recent project in CdM’s Flower Street neighborhood incorporated Brooke’s knowledge of design trends: The 1,000-square-foot home had been left in its original 1950s state until Brooke stepped in, replacing the dated white brick fireplace and incorporating a sleek limestone edition. The clean lines of the fireplace provided just the right framing for a flat-screen TV. “Utilizing a neutral color palette also helped make the home feel more spacious,” she says. “We wanted it to reflect the clean and hip living environment of its surroundings.” Additional touches to the bungalow include new artwork and interior fabrics. influence. ,

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