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Providing security for workplaces in Los Angeles is becoming more common. For construction companies in particular, security is especially imperative—to ensure the protection of assets, personnel, and infrastructure and maintain the efficient operation of construction projects. OPS Inc. Security, which provides security guard services in Los Angeles, understands how important it is to safeguard your workplace and its people and assets.

OPS Inc. Security’s job is to protect your site and keep it safe from thieves and troublemakers, especially those who might vandalize your properties. Their comprehensive services are offered at prices that won’t break the bank and will protect your project sites. Their team consists of highly trained experts who understand the necessary protocols and knowledge to handle any issues at your construction site.

OPS Inc.’s advanced technology allows you to remain updated on everything happening on your site. They understand that every construction site is unique, so their services are custom-tailored just for you. They include using armed or unarmed guards to protect your properties, monitoring for issues such as plumping and breakages, and watching for equipment tampering or theft when construction staff cannot handle them.

A list of duties their guards perform includes checking and monitoring all visitors and vehicles on the job site, reporting on any deliveries that may arrive, escorting new visitors to a job site management office as a courtesy, and patrolling the entrance when operations have stopped. They also stop any vandalism attempts, watch the site closely for security breaches, and maintain a close watch on office trailers and equipment. Their state-of-the-art guard tracking software also updates the location of their guards via satellite every three seconds, ensuring that the guards on your property are always where they need to be.

“Equipment theft is probably one of the biggest challenges that people face on their construction sites,” the staff at OPS Inc. Security writes. “It’s a battle that needs to be fought around the clock.”

Thankfully, the security guards you can employ on your site are not just up to the task with the necessary training but are committed to ensuring that your properties remain safe around the clock. OPS Inc. Security understands that your assets are valuable, so their guards remain extra vigilant when guarding everything on your construction site. Their innovation and local expertise in the greater Los Angeles area ensure that your properties are protected, no matter what needs to be done.

OPS Inc. Security is committed to providing around-the-clock security that is cost-effective and feasible to implement within realistic timeframes. With highly-trained and knowledgeable staff, security experts who help monitor guards remotely, and a dedication to ensuring your properties remain safe, OPS Inc. Security exists with your safety in mind.

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