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The Environmental Nature Center will undergo major restoration (shown in the illustration overlay) thanks to a generous donation.

Frank Randall, trustee of the Youth Development Foundation, recently donated $50,000 to the the Environmental Nature Center. The majority of the funds will go toward restoration of the center’s stream and pond, creation of a new desert tortoise enclosure and Butterfly Habitat Observation Deck, and the refurbishment of two teaching stations. The stream and pond, which have been flowing at the center since 1972, will receive major repairs ensuring that all leaks are fixed.

The center provides hands-on, high-quality, environmentally-based science and arts education to students in kindergarten through grade 12 with its School Tour Program. The two new teaching stations will feature semicircle benches conducive to group learning while the new Butterfly Habitat Observation Deck will also serve as another teaching station, while allowing for a close-up view of wild butterflies laying eggs and searching for nectar in the meadow. ( —B.V.

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