Breaking a Sweat

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Photo by Drenched OC 3
A hot class at Drenched OC | Photo by Drenched OC

Angela Parretta reveals why Drenched OC’s Pilates classes are the hottest workout in town.

By Jessie Dax-Setkus


Hot yoga has taken the country by storm, but have you ever tried the Pilates equivalent? This up-and-coming phenomenon incorporates high temperatures that make you sweat more, which in turn allows you to burn more calories along with myriad other health benefits.

While you can find hot studios in the region, Drenched OC—which owner Angela Parretta opened in Newport Beach in 2022 following the success of her original LA location that launched in 2017—is the only spot in town offering heated reformer classes. Along with these Full Body Burn sessions, which include elements of cardio, strength training and yoga, the studio offers Hot Pilates Sculpt, a high-intensity mat class, and Yoga Sculpt, which incorporates weights, resistance bands and more to boost metabolism and lengthen muscle.

We spoke with Parretta to get the full scoop about the heated sessions at Drenched OC.


Can you tell us a little bit about your background in the fitness industry?

Angela Parretta: I have loved movement from an early age: dancing and cheerleading in high school, college and three years in the NFL. I started teaching group exercise in college and fell in love with helping others feel good about themselves. My degree is in physical therapy and I have several certifications in fitness, Pilates and yoga. I have literally taught it all—from step aerobics in the early ’90s, slide classes (anyone remember those?), water aerobics, boxing, yoga, Pilates, cycling/spin, trampoline class, treadmill workouts [and] heavy weight classes to bodyweight-only classes. You name it, I’ve most likely taught it.


Photo by Drenched OC 1
Angela Parretta, owner of Drenched OC

What led you to open Drenched OC?

AP: As I age, gracefully, I just fell in love with the concept of heated workouts. The benefits are endless: It reduces stress; boosts immune systems; improves flexibility, energy, clarity and focus; balances our internal systems and … [detoxifies] our bodies. As a dancer, I love how my body feels when I’m doing Pilates, so I decided to combine the two and my body has never been happier.


What takes place during your hot Pilates classes?

AP: Drenched hot Pilates is set at a temperature between 95 to 100 degrees. As with any Pilates class, we focus on the entire body, recognizing [that] all movements come from the core. So expect ab work, but not just a series of crunches. The heat helps our bodies warm up quicker so we can get into deep muscle work, achieving more in less time.


What should you expect at your first session?

AP: Expect to sweat. Expect to feel good. Expect to leave with gratitude.


What benefits do you get from a hot Pilates class compared to a regular Pilates class?

AP: [You] warm up and relax quicker, which allows the body to flex up to three times more. Some additional benefits include improved recovery and circulation, … temporary pain relief, … [restoration of] your body and soul, burn[ing] … more calories than [a] standard workout [and] increased resistance to illness. [Hot Pilates also] helps to rid [the] body of toxins, … can lower blood pressure, and relieves stress and tension.


Get Drenched

Make sure you enter this steamy studio ready to work out with some of the coolest gear.

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Give yourself great support while getting sweaty by balancing on the Calia 5MM YOGA MAT, a comfortable option that comes in two chic colors: neutral gray and terracotta orange, $49.99, at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fashion Island. (949-640-1107;
lululemon leggings
Get the most out of your steamy workout with the stylish, form-fitting WUNDER TRAIN HIGH RISE CROP 23” leggings as this comfortable gymwear offers a moderate level of compression that hugs your curves in all the right areas and comes in a huge selection of colors, from $88, at lululemon, Fashion Island. (949-749-4693;
Although the temperature will definitely make you sweat, you’ll want to stay hydrated and the 64 OZ. STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLE from Fifty/Fifty will keep your water ice-cold throughout the duration of the class, $39.99, at Big 5 Sporting Goods, Costa Mesa. (714-545-0047;
Vuori v1 tab socks
If you are looking for comfortable socks that mold to your feet, look no further than the V1 TAB SOCK by Vuori, which is designed with both comfort and performance in mind with a moisture-wicking material, $14, at Vuori, Fashion Island. (949-706-6067;
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The ULTIMATE BRA A-C is one of the most comfortable and supportive sports bras on the market, made with sustainable SuperSonic fabric—created using recycled nylon—in a sleek racerback design that ensures you can move with ease, $49, at Athleta, Fashion Island. (949-717-6650;
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