Bold Bathrooms

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freestanding bath
Freestanding Tubs This is a trend that isn’t slowing down, says interior architectural designer Morghan Iovino, adding that various materials such as marble, stone and copper are used to create a special tub moment. Circular tubs are also the most popular shape for standalone tubs and often in white to not detract attention from other feature items in the bathroom, like this Amelia Freestanding Acrylic Tub, with curvy lines that mimic ocean waves. (

Statement lighting, dramatic sinks and artistic tiles add texture and personality to bathrooms.

By Jillian Dara


Bathrooms have become somewhat of a sanctuary over the years, with homeowners making these rooms more like a spa and less like a forgotten room of the house.

“The bathroom becomes an escape from others in the home and oftentimes is the only place where one can spend quality time alone,” says Kenn Cross, creator of Kenn Shui.

For these reasons, we’re seeing the addition of funky light features, colorful sinks and bold tiles that add texture and personality to bathrooms. Freestanding tubs and large mirrors are also popular fixtures in bathrooms that are outfitted with more space.

“Bathrooms are making more of a statement now, whether that looks extra luxurious, glamorous, or relaxing,” say Alexis Caldera and Kate Cuadro, co-founders of DMT Design.


Wallpapered Powder Rooms “This is the place to go big, particularly in the tiniest of powder rooms,” says Kelly Keiser of Kelly Keiser Interior Design, who adds that she’s currently covering every inch of them (with wallpaper). This Overgrown Wallpaper is multilayered to create a dense overlapping of foliage to draw the eye and add depth to any interior design. (


alexturco bold tiles
Bold Tile Tiles are used as striking splashes of color, but also for adding texture. From accent walls to flooring, and backsplashes in showers, they further that sense of personality in a bathroom like this Blue Agate handmade artistic surface by Alex Turco design from his Mineral Collection. (


Statement Lighting
Statement Lighting Caldera and Cuadro say statement pieces like lighting are part of bringing “a renewed sense of personality to the traditional bathroom design.” Whether installing an oversized sconce, unique art and light combo, or an ornate chandelier, let the fixture speak to the overall theme of the bathroom, like this Mid-Century Globe Adjustable Double Swing Arm sconce. (


Colorful Sinks
Colorful Sinks Ceramic bowls, pastel patterns and tiny tiles are iterations of bathroom sinks, especially for powder rooms. Kohler partnered with “florography” artist Ashley Woodson Bailey to create this Dutchmaster Blush Floral Carillon sink, a stunning floral design inspired by 17th century Dutch master paintings. (
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